Made to Measure Guide

Is my coffee table suitable for a Made to Measure Padable?

Yes or No
No, Not
No, Not
No, Not flat
table edges
Errr, No

Table Drawers

A Made to Measure Padable Footrest overhangs the table top by about 3 cm. It is therefore important that the top of any drawer front is at least 3.5 cm below the level of the table top if you want to open that drawer without having to lift the footrest slightly.

Padable Measuring

Measure the width and length of the table top in millimetres and enter these values when you request fabric samples. We will send you a measuring tape printed for those dimensions along with your fabric samples. When you receive it, please use this tape to check the accuracy of your measurements and tell us any corrections when you order your Padable.

Table Corner, Side & Edge Types

Square Corners with
vertical sides

Regular square corner
Overhanging top
Overhanging Top
Vertical sides or an over hanging top. Tables with these edges are suitable for made to measure Padable footrests.
Rounded corners, rounded edges or protruding edges can be more difficult to measure. Click on the most relevant image for more details of how to deal with tables having these features.