Padable Footrest Profile

Protruding edges

Illustrating how protruding edges sit inside a Padable footrest

From this image it is apparent that with this type of table edge :-
1. It is important that the widest part of the edge of the table will always touch the side of the Padable and not reach below it. i.e. <2.5 cm below the level of the table top.
2. The table dimensions given are between the widest part of the table edges and not the dimensions of the flat part of the table surface.

Table Drawers - The 3cm Overhang

As shown, Padable footrests overhang the top by about 3cm.
This is why drawers need about 3.5cm of clearance below the table top to allow them to open correctly with the footrest in place.

Rounded Corners

Rounded corners should have a radius of less than about 10cm. For those of us old enough to remember them, this is about the size of a vinyl 45 rpm single as pictured. For those not old enough, it's a disc about 20cm across. This sized disc placed on top of the table and aligned with the table edges should not cover up all of the table corner. The picture above shows an acceptable corner radius.

Rounded table edges must have a radius <2.5cm. See the section on the left about protruding edges which is also applicable to rounded edges.