Frequently Asked Questions

Put Your feet Up on Coffee Table
Child Friendly Coffee Table bumpers for your lounge
Q.  Why?
A.  Lounges with insufficient space for both a coffee table and a footstool.
A.  Tying furniture to the decoration and colours of your room.
A.  To protect toddlers from sharp table corners.
A.  Mum told you to get your feet off the table when you were young and now you just want to rebel!
A.  You're fed up of telling kids to take their feet off the table.
A.  ..... And many more ......
Q.  Can you make a padable for my table?
A.  Usually Yes. Most rectangular or square flat topped coffee tables are suitable. Rounded corners and edges can normally be accomodated but see our measuring page for more details.
Q.   How child friendly are padables?
A.   Very friendly. Coffee tables are notorious for having hard unprotected corners and edges which are very unforgiving when in contact with a tottering toddlers arms or head. Padables cover all those edges and corners providing covered upholstery foam padding of between 1.5 and 5 cm around all of the hard edges and corners of the padable frame. Don't try this at home, but even falling on a top corner of the padable fitted table becomes a relatively minor bump.
Q.   Can you use my own fabric?
A.   Yes, if you have an upholstery fabric which we can confirm meets fire regulations then we can make up products in that for you. Alternatively if you have seen another fabric elsewhere then, if suitable, we can usually source that fabric for you.
Q.   Why haven't I seen a padable before?
A.   Because they're new and exclusive and haven't become the next "Must Have" household item - Yet!.